lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014


Damon: I’m in love with a woman I can never have.
Andie: I knew it. I know how to pick ‘em. So why can’t you have her? She’s with another man, I assume?
Damon: Yeah, but that’s not the point. The point is I’m in love with her and it’s driving me crazy. I’m not in control.
Andie: What? You don’t trust yourself around her?
Damon: I don’t trust myself around anyone, Andie. I’m bad, Andie. I do things. I kill people. (Leans in and compels her) Don’t be afraid. You’re okay.
Andie: Why do you kill people?
Damon: Because I like it. It’s in my nature. It’s who I am. But then I have to stay together to protect her. She wants me to be the better man, which means I can’t be who I am. Do you see the problem I’m having, Andie?
Andie: Well, maybe this is who you are now. Love does that Damon. It changes us. 

Elena:¿Ves un futuro conmigo? porque es todo lo que veo.
Damon: Elena, lo he visto desde el segundo que posé mis ojos en ti.

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